October 22, 2021

The old people occur presbyopia, the original eyes will produce these 3 conditions, really can not be underestimated

As we all know, the occurrence of presbyopia is slowly showing up due to the increase in age. At the same time, the degree of presbyopia glasses will also be slowly increased, the general rate of increase is based on the regularity of every five years to increase 50 degrees. However, when you reach the age of 60, the myopia of presbyopia is generally not likely to 漸進鏡片 change at this time.

Generally speaking, the following manifestations of presbyopia will occur.

1. Not being able to see the near point for a long time: Because of insufficient adjustment, the near point will slowly become farther away, but it is possible to see the near object as long as it is struggled with. However, if this situation continues to exceed the level of ciliary body anxiety, then when you look at distant objects, the ciliary body anxiety can not immediately release the pressure, it will produce the current myopic condition of the eyes. Moreover, short-term blurring occurs, which is the main manifestation of what is known as slow adjustment of the mind. If the trend continues, eye pain and eyelid twitching, and dryness of the eyes will occur. Tearful eyes. Headache. The visual fatigue disease such as dizziness, presbyopia is the primary cause of visual fatigue in the elderly.

2. Seeing closer is difficult: In the course of presbyopia, one will slowly see that the spacing that is normally recognizable will now be increasingly difficult to see smaller font styles, which are clearer when looking at distant places. This will cause the patient to unconsciously tilt his or her head back or to place the book in a longer area in order to see the words clearly. Moreover, the spacing of this style of placement will slowly increase according to the age group.

3. Look closer to the point must be stronger chromaticity: presbyopic patients in the case of gradual, will occur at night to read a book discomfort occurs, because the night light effect is very dark. Insufficient chroma will not only prompt the visual discrimination threshold of both eyes to rise, but also make the pupil dilate, resulting in a large diffuse circle on the macula at the base of the eye prompting the presbyopia to be more significant. With the increase of age, patients with presbyopia have to read books at night with brighter light, and sometimes they need to put the light effect right in the middle of the book and the eye in order to see clearly. However, that way will definitely lead to dazzling effects and slowly expand the harm to the eyesight.

All in all, presbyopia as a common phenomenon of eye vision problems, is not just ignored. In the early stage, to gradually prevent presbyopia, as far as possible to alleviate the reduction of eye vision, management of their own application of habitual for both eyes. In addition, you can also do some moderate fitness exercises around the eyes to enhance the circulatory system of the blood circulation system around the eyes.

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